The safety of young people in traffic is very important. That is why we had a lecture on traffic safety in our school, to see why it is so important. They presented us with the consequences of inattention in traffic such as using a mobile phone and driving without a seat belt. We heard the personal experience of a girl who had a traffic accident and became disabled.
This kept the students' attention and was very educational for them. Considering that most of the students are now getting their driver's license, they got a real picture of what consequences can happen. Each of them can drive well, but I can't tell who is on the other side of the wheel.
After the lecture, anyone who wanted could try the "drunk glasses" and see how everything looks under the influence of alcohol. It was fun and interesting as much as it was educational.
Three girls gave an interview for "RTK" television about why they think traffic safety is important, you can watch the video on their platform.