First day

The First Technical School Student Parliament kicked off a multi-day football tournament on Monday
20.05.2024. in the field behind PFM. The teams consisted of 4+1 players and substitutes from
of the same department and participation per team was 2500 dinars.
On the first day, 10 teams played, each team consisting of five players from the same department + substitutes.
They played IV1g-II2ht, IV5e-IV4e, I7e-II2g, II1p-III5e, I6e-I3e, of which 5 teams advanced to
next round. During the tournament we had the presence of school policemen.


Another day

The second day of the tournament was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, but due to rain, it was postponed until
the following day on Thursday in the field behind PMF.

14 teams played on the second day. They played II5e-II3g, II7e-I5e, I1ht-II1e, IV61-II2g, II6e-III4e, IV7e-I1g, III3e-
I1p of which 7 teams advanced to the next round.

During the second day of the tournament, we did not have any incidents.
The number of spectators was on average around 60-80 spectators who were constantly changing.
For the tournament, we had a registered public meeting and the presence of a member of the Red Cross. Too
we also had visits from the school police officer.