The Student Parliament of the First Technical School is a vital platform that empowers the student voice, encourages active participation in school matters, and promotes joint decision-making to improve the school environment and experience for all students.


The school parliament of our school is dedicated to promoting democratic values, active participation of students in school processes and improving communication between students, teachers and the school administration. Our mission is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that allows every student to feel heard and contribute to the development of the school and community.

Why is the existence of the Student Parliament important?

Because it guarantees the basic freedoms of students, through the realization of the right to freedom of speech, expression, freedom of association, freedom of expression of one's own opinion,...

The student parliament enables the personal development of students.

It provides the possibility of collective decision-making through student parliaments and contributes to the improvement of the atmosphere and life in the school.

The student parliament contributes to the development of collective relations and the building of partnerships with teachers, professional associates, directors and school authorities.

The student parliament is a place that enables cooperation, respect for differences
argumentation and attitudes.

The student parliament implies the adoption of democratic knowledge and values, through the acceptance of diversity.

The student parliament enables the development of democratic culture.

The student parliament enables better communication and encourages adoption
joint decisions acceptable to all parties.


Why is it important for students to be involved in the decision-making process through student parliaments?

Because students understand their needs best.

Because they recognize their own problems and the problems of their peers best, and in that sense they can enable the school to meet them as best as possible.

Because the student parliament provides an opportunity for all students to participate, regardless of race, religion, nationality, property or gender.

Because through the student parliament, the voice of all groups and subgroups in the school can be heard more easily, whether they are refugees, internally displaced persons, minority groups or persons with developmental disabilities.

Because young people should participate in the decision-making process, because in this way they strengthen their self-confidence and become responsible persons.

Because school decisions will be implemented better and more readily.

Because a democratic society is developing and school life is regulated more fairly.

Because this improves the relationship and cooperation between students and teachers, educators or professional associates.